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DV8 Leather was established years ago with the aim of becoming far more than simply a "buy in, mark up, sell it" type of retailer. At DV8 Leather, we specialise in custom leather apparel, such as 2.7mm "infantry" cow hide to 4mm buffalo hide biker vests, Australian farmed crocodile skin vests, crocodile belts, custom leather laser etching, & much more.

DV8 Leather even makes our own custom leather treatment, available for sale right here on our website.

Our policy is to treat everyone fairly & honestly, & provide good sound practical advice on your leather selection, as well as the correct way to treat your leather after you have made your selection.

Having ridden many kilometres in all types of weather conditions, such as the typical Australian summer 45+ Celsius (113+ degrees Fahrenheit to our American friends), to Snowy Mountains rides, to days of rain, rain & more rain, road testing our products, we know how they perform. Bloody well!

Traditional leather working techniques, combined with modern manufacturing processes, allows us to get your order out within the time frame we quote (subject to weather conditions).

Even if you have an old favourite leather motorcycle jacket from years ago and would like the style improved to fit you now, please contact us for further information.

As far as our sources go, we manufacture and source from Australian suppliers as much as possible.

Our leather workshop & showroom is located in the sleepy village of Buxton, bordering the Southern Highlands of NSW in Australia. Are are just 10 minutes south of Picton & just over an hour from the Sydney CBD.

Its great motorcycle riding country around Camden/Picton/Buxton, and we regularly hop on our bike for a Sunday beer at the local George IV Inn. We're happy to chat leather any time.