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About Us

DV8 Leather was established in 2010 with the aim of becoming far more than a buy in mark up flog off type of retailer. Dv8 Leather specialise in Custom leather.

 Our policy is to treat everyone fairly & honestly & provide good sound practical advice on your selection

We have ridden many kilometres in all weather conditions  road testing our products  , be it stinking hot , freezing cold , summer storms or raining for days on end , we know how they perform 

Tradional leather working techniques combined with modern manufacturing allows us to get your order out within the time frame we quote , subject to weather conditions

 We manufacture and source from Australian suppliers as much as possible .

Custom leather is a specialty , we have made just about anything you can think off & dont turn a hair to unusual requests. We sew patches on also  &  can make belts or patterns while you wait 

Our Worksghop & Showroom is located in the sleepy village of Buxton bordering the southern Highlands of NSW , Ten minutes south of Picton &  Just over an hours drive from Sydney CBD . Its good motorbike riding country around here ,  we regularly hop on our bike for a sunday beer at the local George IV and are happy to chat leather anytime

If you have an old favourite jacket from years ago and would like the style improved to fit your now  changed body shape , contact us for an appointment

DV8 Leather is available also at selected retailers & also thru our affiliate program , see our links section for more info , we value any and all feedback we recieve 




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